While helping you with the consultations on staff selection, I can also provide you with job analysis and search criterias, different strategies and instructions. As an external consultant, I’ll be able to support you making changes in your company when carrying out evaluations and motivational interviews with your employees. Talent Scout has the expertise to councel on setting the image of the employer through out-placement, on-boarding and internships. It is wise to get the consultant on 360° evaluations in interviews and feedback. Most companies do not need a full time role for recruitment and selection – Talent Scout can train your people on hiring.


Public search

Ads in different public channels will get you the highest number of candidates. It is a great opportunity for the company to get feedback on its image and drive it with a proper media plan and purposeful advertising. I call it a passive hiring that will not guarantee you the desired attention from the talents you are after. Nevertheless, public search is a good way to find a motivated employee who is looking to have a job in your company. You can also go anonymous in public media (print, online etc) – Talent Scout is pleased to take the whole load off your back, but I can help you out in single selected processes as well. Do not doubt to get in touch, together we’ll find a way to get you the best candidate!

Head-hunting / Direct search

More and more often we can find situations when certain positions can be filled only by direct search, that is head hunting. It is true that top players and talents can be found only by active search. This means you have to break through to them yourself and then convince them to apply for the job. Talent Scout builds up a thorough search profile based on client’s needs and then the potential targets are mapped who will be approached with care trying to find out if they are willing to discuss new opportunities in their career. Then on, Talent Scout will cooperate with the candidates to filter out those making a perfect match to the profile. I will present my client a short list with thorough overview on each candidate. Head hunting is the ideal way to hire a top talent for you without much fuzz!