Jano Lepik                                                      –Talent Scout

Hi! My name is Jano Lepik, I'm the Talent Scout.

I have spent half of my career in sales and client relationships. Working with key accounts in the biggest Estonian telecom business, leading sales and managing office in the biggest and oldest credit management company, gave me the knowledge about the client businesses and got the most valued experience in communicating with the top level managements.

Today, I am convinced that my previous business background is the key to my success in staffing. Understanding your client’s business and realizing how the economic realtionships really work create the quality that make it the true recruiter.

My career turned when one of the world’s biggest consulting companies hired me as a consultant. I hadn’t had any touch with staffing before, but the company’s vision was exactly that – to involve business people and train them to offer the world class service to its clients. In more depths, I I’ve been into staffing in one of the largest financial institution in Estonia, contributing on my part to the high ranking of the employer.

My count today is more than 750 recruited professionals and near 5000 conducted interviews. I am excited about it and I will continue for your pleasure:)