Why Talent Scout?

         Headhunting is truly a competent effort, that shall be left for a professional

Flexible and personal

As you might wish, I can fill in on just a few phases on recruitment and selection. For example, I can provide you with a media plan and a job ad or I can take the inital round with CV analysis and sit down with initial interviews. You will then avoid information overload – communication, process and responsibilities will be in the hands of just a single consultant.

Experience and competence

For today, Talent Scout has recruited and selected more than 700 people and carried out over 4000 job interviews. Not only in Estonia –  in my search for the best candidate I have covered Latvia and Lithuania as well. I have had it covered from client servants to top management, but mostly specialists and managers. 

Adding to your business

To succeed as a consultant, it is critical to understand the business of your client or you won’t be able even to get the profile right for your target, not to mention finding the best candidate. Talent Scout is looking for the talents who can achieve the business goals of their employer and can actually cross the boundaries of it. That way, Talent Scout helps its client to make it a success!

Guaranteed quality

You’ll always know what you get! With big recruitment agencies, it is hard to have a say and choose for the consultant you’d specifically prefer. Best consultants are always busy and you can only get a rookie as a substitute. In Talent Scout you’ll always get the highest quality – your one and only dedicated consultant!

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